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The Drama Academy

Suitable for Ages 7 - 15

The Drama Academy is a contemporary-styled drama programme for children to enjoy independently, in the comfort of their home. It is ideal for children who want to develop their creativity and confidence through entertaining and stimulating activities that can be done at home - either alone or with a family member, tutor or friend. It can dovetail with a home school or online school programme and is a perfect option for children unable to access a local drama studio.

Each lesson will include; a recorded warm up, a lesson explanation, an activity sheet and a self-reflection.

Original monologue and scene scripts & fun activities sent monthly. A selection of monologue and scene scripts are available to purchase in our shop.


How Does it Work?

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Our Lessons

The Drama Academy lessons are divided into 12 modules with 4 lessons per module.
This is a glimpse of the content we cover in our modules.

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What We Offer

When you sign up to The Drama Academy
you will receive:
48 unique drama lessons released weekly online per year. Each drama lesson includes:

Easy to follow PDF explanation of the lesson

Instructional video

A weekly brain training game

A vocal warm up video

A printable activity sheet

A student self-reflection page


The Benefits of a Drama Programme

There is no greater gift that you can give your child than self-confidence. Here at The Drama Academy, we pride ourselves in creating fun and creative ways to build confidence and public speaking skills into the children of today. Here are some of the reasons why we believe you should invest in our programme:

Develops creativity

Builds confidence

Develops the ability to ‘think on your feet’ and improvise.

Develops the voice and improves projection and articulation

Enhances knowledge and understanding of literature and English

Develops comprehension and story-telling skills

Develops and enhances memory recall


Parent Commitment

The programme is designed so that your child can complete the lessons independently, but they will obviously benefit from the interaction with another adult or child, and an audience willing to watch their completed tasks. Their ability to work independently will depend on their reading and comprehension skills as well as how tech-savy they are.

Assessments and Self-reflection

As the student works through creative processes they will improve skills in communication and expression that are both verbal and non-verbal. In a formal assessment environment, the love for the creative process can be diminished. It is our belief that creativity in it’s most natural form should not be formally assessed, but nurtured. At The Drama Academy our intention is to allow the students to naturally develop the skills as they participate in each activity. We provide a self-reflection worksheet for the student. Self-reflection provides a positive and encouraging way to promote growth and a sense of achievement. These are lesson specific and can be used at your discretion, either each week or only on occasion. The focus of this assessment, should you choose to use it, should be on the process and not the product. With that said, there will be certain skills, evidenced through the activities, that can be observed by the parent / tutor. These include, but are not limited to:

Following instructions

Completion of tasks

Concentration and focus

Energy and overall effort



  • Free Subscription

  • FREE
    • Includes 1 sample lesson
    • Includes 1 sample script
    • Access to purchase additional scripts or memberships
  • Monthly Subscription

  • R375 per month
    • Includes 4 lessons per module/month
    • 30 days cancellation notice
  • Annual Subscription

  • R3500 per year
    • Sign up for 12 months
    • Includes 48 Drama Lessons released monthly
    • Includes 48 Drama Games released monthly
    • Includes TDA Performers Pack
    • A saving of R1000.00

I love doing drama because I feel confident and it is fun!

I love how energising and uplifting the lessons are, there is no better way to grow your talent.

I love the lessons, because it builds my confidence.

I love doing drama because of the incredible lessons created by the coaches.

Drama is so much fun! I love it because the lessons are very enjoyable and develop you. I am way more confident that I was before.

I love drama because it’s fun and we play lots of interesting games.

I love the lessons because they allow me to be myself and express myself.

I love the lessons, they are never boring. There is nothing better than learning new skills whilst having fun.

I enjoy the drama lessons because we always learn something new.